I have a uniquely friend. I have been knowing him for more than 1,5 years. He accepts me as I am. He believes in me,. In every moments. Sometimes, he calls me just to say “Hi? What’s up Bro”. When I feel so broken, he yells,”Hey, don’t give up!!”. Thus, he envisions the whole of me (even the unfinished part). When I made a mistake, he always forgives me. He gives me anything unconditionally. If I get something its so hard to be done, he always help me as best as he can do. When he held an event, he never forgot to invites me. Always just be with me and keeps me close at his hearth, also loves me for whoever I am. He makes a difference in my life. He never judges me just from the cover. When I almost give up. He never judges me just from the cover. When I almost give-up, he offers support and pick me up. He queits my fears then raises my spirits, he never say something except says nice things about me and he like to tell me and the truth when I need to hear it. He can understand me. And values me. I never fell alone, cause he walk beside me. Try to explains things I don’t understand. He yells when I won’t listen and zaps me back to reality when I’m dreaming so far. That’s my true friend.


  1. wah…artinya apaan si?? ditranslate dunk…kliatannya artinya dalem deh….

  2. only that? only those that you mean true friend. i think that true friend is friend that will never be an enemy. friends will be friends (one of song of you them?). Your true friends are your heart that will never give you wrong thing because is only true, your lovely God (Allah I mean) that you can say and you can get solution of you problem anyway, anytimes, anywhere and etc..

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